Saturday, 7 March 2009

Marriage Time... Again

Oh! Finally, the day has come.

Finally I'll be able to marry. Again.

Why again?

A prolonged -- almost perpetual -- wait separated me from the one I married...long ago. (Both of us met, but very infrequently. We spent very little time with each other.)

Yes, I am meeting The One again.

Today, at 3 pm, I reunited with the one.

Today I married my older self...again.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I know it was not a great kind of introduction. But then, how else can I express what I am Lemme come to the point. Today was the last day of my Board Exams (Madhyamik or Secondary, to be more accurate) and I can't simply express the jubilation that fills my heart.

I took the examination today on Mechanics (Optional Elective). According to the new system formulated by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, this subject is of no importance. This is a very student-friendly move. Though I studied Mechanics thoroughly, the new system allowed me to spend more time with the compulsory subjects. But the examination today was great, to say the least. The question paper was pretty easy.

The Board had done away with the aggregate marking system. Gradation (for every subject) has been introduced this year. That's not a bad thing.

Speaking of other subjects, every paper (Bengali, English, History, Geography, Biology, Physical Science, Maths) was fine. Every question in every paper was set in the exactly the way I wanted. I don't know how it happened. Even the unexpected questions were quite easy. The questions being easy, it was great to take the exams.

(If possible, I will discuss again about the exams and the overall experience later)

Now I have to wait to see what result my efforts have produced.

On my to-do list:
1) Marriage with the other self. That is, following my passion (astronomy, writing blogs, reading book and most importantly, spreading my wings)
2) same...same

The first book I will read now: The Hobbit

I know it's a shame not to have read it. But this book (as well as The Lord of the Rings and Midnight's Children, also on the to-read list) has been gathering dust on my bookshelf since August. I promised to myself that I wouldn't touch them before March 7.

My brain is being choked by an enormous amount of thoughts. I need to give it a break.

More talk later.

I have to reunite with The One. Now.

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