Sunday, 29 June 2008

... And the Head is Held High

Is there any specific reason I've christened my blog after my favourite Tagore poem (Chitto jetha bhoyshoonya)? The answer is unknown to me as well. This, I think, is enough to indicate that this blog will feature my random ramblings more than anything else. You may very well understand that this post isn't my introductory post so much as the articulation of my intensely personal feelings.

Though I am very fond of science as a subject, I can't deny that I love, love, love writing. I admit that I get a bit (yeah, a bit!) bored after writing for long. But writing gives me a particular kind of pleasure nothing else can. I am better at writing without a specific purpose (what that means is not even clear to me) than with a particular aim. I mean, I'm much better at articulating my thoughts than writing traditional high school essays.

So, I start blogging. No, actually, it's not the first time I'm blogging. I maintain a lot of blogs (see profile). But they are only science-related. Through this blog I will share my personal experiences and thoughts with you. Occasionally (and, perhaps, rarely), I will blog just because I want to talk only to myself. Some posts will appear like pages from my very personal diary. So, am I self-indulgent? I don't really know.

But the sole reason that fascinates me about blogging is interacting with readers. Even if I'm writing a post too personal, I love to talk to my readers. I want to know about their reaction to my posts. That's certainly one of the best things blogging offers. To me, blogging is a way to broaden the Inner Eye. (Is that too philosophical?)

So, here I begin the absolutely wonderful journey of blogging. I will be very, very irregular thanks to my studies. Feel free to write to me and do share your thoughts with me.

This isn't a Welcome Post, I know. But everyone is welcome to this blog. I conclude by saying that this blog is such a place

WHERE the mind is without fear and the head is held high